Resory - The place to find relevant data to fuel your overseas plans


The place to find relevant data
to fuel your overseas plans

The place to find relevant data
to fuel your overseas plans

With Resory,
you will be able to reach experts with first-hand experience in their fields.
Get access to the “genuine knowledge” from experts in an interview or survey!

Why Choose Resory?

Latest Trends

Keep track of the latest trends in your industry

Get quality information from reliable first-hand sources.

Future Forecast

Forecast the market and anticipate winners

Take full advantage of the knowledge from industry experts to identify the growth drivers for your business.

Key Success Factors

Key Success Factors

Find the Key Success Factors for International markets

Resory’s Expert Network

In-depth industry knowledge and outputs directly linked to problem-solving

Resory has an Expert Network with many knowledgeable experts with first-hand experience in a wide variety of industries and countries, especially in Asia. Quality information from field experts is at your business’ disposal!

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Expert Report

  • 60-minute interview with an expert from a benchmarked company designated by you
  • Results summarized in an easy-to-understand report
  • Report delivered in as little as 3 days!
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Report with an interview with an expert. Quickly learn about the on-site business environment in local markets.

Expert Survey

  • Service focused on the Chinese market
  • Assess the potential of new businesses
  • A practical survey of 10 questions
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Survey the “genuine knowledge” from multiple experts in the field

Market Research

  • Desk research and expert interviews are used together to gather information from multiple angles of a market
  • Periodic progress updates allow prompt course correction of the research when needed
  • In-depth research in as little as 1 month!
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Comprehensive market research that best utilizes interviews with experts to gain crucial in-depth information

Expert Interview

  • Access information quickly by talking directly with experts
  • Get direct feedback from experts about your questions and business ideas
  • Research completed in as little as 1 day!
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Get access to insights and business hints by talking directly with local experts



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    What is the main difference between Resory and other market research companies?

    We have our own international Network of Experts, because of this we have access to first-hand information on a wide range of industries and companies.

    What is your definition of an “expert”?

    An “expert” is someone who has first-hand experience in an industry and can provide professional advice to your company, answer your questions, and satisfy your needs for information.

    I am interested in a very niche industry. Can you do market research for niche industries?

    Probably yes. However, feasibility depends on the specific industry, please contact us for a feasibility assessment.

    What countries is Resory strongest in?

    We are particularly strong in Asia Pacific – China and Japan – and Southeast Asia.

    Do you conduct research in Japan?

    Yes, we do research in Japan. However, feasibility depends on the specific industry, please contact us for a feasibility assessment.

    How can I be sure that your experts have the knowledge I need?

    We thoroughly screen experts before they participate in any interview to ensure that their knowledge is appropriate for your project needs.

    Can you do an Expert Survey in other countries besides China?

    Yes, we can to do Expert Surveys in other countries. The turnaround time will take longer for particular countries, please contact us for a feasibility assessment.

    Is it possible to arrange an interpreter for the interview if I conduct the interview myself?

    Yes, we can arrange an interpreter for you as an option. This service is only available for English/Japanese and Chinese/Japanese.

    What are the rates for your services and what is the turnaround time?

    Rates and turnaround time vary depending on the specifics of the project. Please contact us for a quotation and time estimation.

    When do I get billed?

    You will get billed upon delivery of the research results of a project.
    *You will not be charged for seeing experts’ profiles in advance or in the pre-research phase.